The Not Amused

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The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents 12"

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents Side A
1. Pauline
2. Unemployed
3. Drop The Bomb
Side B
4. Bovverbaby
5. Empty Words
6. Love Or Lust

Sprinter Records/Queen Mum Records Eine charmant-schräge Zeitreise ins Inselkönigreich vor ziemlich genau 30 Jahren, irgendwo im Spannungsfeld von Powerpop (BUZZCOCKS, UNDERTONES), Mod (THE JAM) und frühem englischen Punkrock. "..." // OX

The Not Amused - By Appointment to her Royal Highness 12"

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents Side A
1. Watchin' You
2. Liverpool
3. Bazooka

Side B
4. Still Not In The Papers
5. Radio
6. Ethel
7. Can't Never

Sprinter Records/Queen Mum Records

Nach dem mehr als gelungenen Debut "Flaunting their talents" ist mir nun das zweite Machwerk in die Ohren gekommen. Wer gerne 77er Punkrock und 79er Powerpop hört, für den ist dies ein Pflichtkauf. Zielsicher werden hier catchy Guitars mit Ohrwurm-Melodien gemischt. // USELESS

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents By Appointment to her Royal Highness CD

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents 1. Pauline
2. Unemployed
3. Drop The Bomb
    (24 Hours)
4. Bovverbaby
5. Empty Words
6. Love Or Lust
    (Dirty Girls)
7. Watchin' You
8. Liverpool
9. Bazooka
10. Still Not In The Papers
11. Radio
12. Ethel
13. Can't Never
    (Lenny Zenith)

Sprinter Records/Queen Mum Records

Both 12"s on one CD with Digipack.

The Not Amused - Totally Destroyed 7"

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents Side A
1. Totally Destroyed

Side B
2. Gotta Get Paid
3. Police Car

Sprinter Records/Queen Mum Records

Yeah! This is good shit. Short, snotty and to-the-point. There are three songs on this 7" slab o' wax that clock in at about two minutes each, which is perfect for the frenetic, fast-paced punk-rock that is heavily influenced by their English punk rock predecessors like the DAMNED, etc. This could be the UK equivalent to the BRIEFS! (ML) // MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL

The Not Amused/X-Prays - Split LP

The Not Amused - Flaunting Their Talents THE NOT AMUSED
1. World's gone Mod
    (The Urge)
2. Exploited Barmy Army
3. Hit by a Bus
4. Who wants the Moon?
5. Maquina del Pogo
6. Hoffentlich Ja!

1. Feminist Pajama Party
2. Don't look back
3. Roma Rocket
4. Bracket Vampire
5. Stink Bomb
6. Danger Monk

Wanda Records/Rumble Records

Respecto a los alemanes, cabe indicar el tono en clave de revival mod de guitarras bastante cristalinas. Declaración de principios desde el comienzo con "World's gone mod", la versión de The Urge; guiño a espectros más duros pidiendo la admisión en el "Exploited barmy army" y versión de Die Profis ("Hoffentlich ja!"). "Hit by a bus" tiene maneras de himno, con un comienzo de bajo al que se le acopla enseguida la guitarra. Estructura inicial de arranque similar a la de "Who wants the moon?", para mi de lo mejor. Lo del estribillo de "La máquina de pogo" suena a concesión a la experiencia con el sello español. Tiene guitarras que parecen algo a los Jam, pero con ganas de montar bulla en voces y coros. Un experimento loable esto de la mezcla de nacionalidades en los discos y si encima son con este tipo de resultados... // LAFONOTECA.NET

V. A. Presswerk a-c vol. 1

V.A. Presswerk A-C

Presswerk A-C

Die auf dem Presswerk-Sampler vertretenen Berliner Bands bedienen sich dieser Identitäten und fördern ein wunderbar authentisches Retro-Machwerk zu Tage. Die Protagonisten verschwenden ihre Jugend in vorzüglichen New Wave Projekten ("Moskito Spezial", "Crumpets", "Dreipunktbande" und die populären "Shocks") mit teilweise derbem Elektro-Einschlag ("Herpes", "RobotroN", "The toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum"), oder bedienen sich auf traditionelle Art mehr bei den englischen Vorbildern ("The Not Amused", "Ugly Teens").
Lange nicht mehr einen so guten Sampler gehört! //MOLOKO PLUS

V. A. Music for Maniacs LP

V.A. Music For Maniacs

Wanda Record's beautiful 50th release. Shaped Vinyl that will probably kill your record player's needle.

Available in three different colours:
100 x black
200 x red
200 x clear/red splattered

A1 - The Shoemakers - We're An Illusion
A2 - Dime Runner - Secret Lover
A3 - KevinK Band - Dry Drunk
A4 - Prima Donna - Autosuficiencia
A5 - Nazi Dogs - What Will You Do
A6 - Los Pepes - Stuck On Yesterday
A7 - Möped - Soweit Das Auge Reicht
B1 - Ricky C Quartett - Budy Billy Bad
B2 - The Not Amused - Little War
B3 - Baretta Love - Hammer Smashed Face
B4 - Erotic Devices - Your Eyes Are Too Close Together
B5 - 2nd District - Out Of Sight - Out Of Mind

01 - Die Hitchhikers - Manipulation
02 - Messengers - Fight The Rich
03 - Distemper - Traktoristi
04 - Jetset Radio - Modern Time Disasters
05 - Skeptic Eleptic - The Head Of Jochanaan
06 - Frogrammers - You´re The Loser
07 - Radio Dead Ones - Gambian Bumsters
08 - Ostblock - 1000 Rote Rosen
09 - Purgen - Atomnaja Romantika
10 - Holy Kings - Light Desires
11 - Social Distrust - Boundaries
12 - Hasch oder Alk - Einsamkeit

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